Synthetic Datasets Unleashed

Generating synthetic ground truth to power a data driven future.

Our Team

Our team has a background of applying high end feature film, games and procedural animation techniques to help solve problems at the state of the art in autonomous vehicle development. Using this expertise, we have built innovative data-driven content creation pipeline that can generate bespoke synthetic datasets to cover many use cases. Our datasets are completely configurable so you can tune the data to suit your specific requirements and problem space. We offer an ever expanding array of synthetic sensor simulations to capture whatever ground truth you need to accelerate your development. We are also opening up our procedural world building technology to the creative industries so if you need a procedural digital environment in your film or game we can help.

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Sam Swift-Glasman


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Off the shelf configurable data sets

Proven track record of improving computer vision system performance.

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Support for open standards across several industries.

We can integrate into pipelines from Autonomous vehicle stacks to feature film productions.

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Consultation & development for digital creation pipelines

Experience in content creation for realtime, offline and scientific simulation applications.

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